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Anxiety, stress, depression or eating disorders, among other mental health issues, will be experienced by most of us at one time or another. Equally, grief and loss are a part of life but few of us anticipate how much it will affect us or know how to deal with the emotions that arise from it.

Counselling and psychotherapy provide us the tools to understand ourselves, our motivations and ultimately how to steer our lives in a positive direction.



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Donadea Counselling

County Kildare

Everyone comes to counselling because there’s something that they want to change or learn how to cope with. Regardless of your reason for coming, be it low self-esteem, intimacy issues or a life transition, I won’t judge, I’ll listen. I’ll accept you for who you are and help you to get to a better place.

I provide counselling and psychotherapy both in-person, at my clinic outside Prosperous, County Kildare, and online according to your needs and preference.

― Maria 

Eating disorders and body image issues are one of my areas of special interest and I'm passionate about helping people to find ways to love themselves and let go of the unrealistic expectations society has for our bodies.

Are you or a loved one feeling low all the time, finding it hard to get out of bed or get motivated? Depression affects almost everybody at some point in their lives. I regularly help people with confidential support to overcome this treatable condition.

If you’re in County Kildare and find that you need help with stress management, panic attacks or anxiety, I help people of all walks of life to find healthy ways to overcome these very  common modern-day issues.


Maria Fitzgibbon

As a therapist, with almost two decades working in the field of counselling and psychotherapy; compassion, non-judgement and empathy are the foundational values of my approach. From my clinic in North County Kildare, I have helped countless men and women with their emotional and psychological needs including eating disorders, anxiety, stress, depression and relationship issues.