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Almost all of us will experience times in our life when we feel low, sad, “down”, unmotivated, “couldn’t care less”. These are normal reactions to the ups and downs of life and it will generally pass in time.

With major depression however, the feelings of sadness, apathy and low mood become consistent and persistent so that they adversely affect most areas of our life over an extended period of time.

Depressed woman with shoulders slumped

Symptoms of depression

  • Consistent feelings of sadness, low mood and lack of interest in doing any of your usual activities for at least two weeks

These feelings must also be accompanied by at least five other common symptoms of depression including - 

  • Change in appetite – not bothering to eat or overeating/eating unhealthily

  • Tiredness and low energy most days

  • Movements that are unusually slow or agitated

  • Sleeping too much or not sleeping much (insomnia)

  • Difficulty concentrating or focusing, which may interfere with daily tasks

  • Suicidal thoughts or preoccupation with death and dying

  • Low self esteem – feeling worthless, and hopeless, alongside inappropriate feelings of guilt

Other symptoms may include isolation and withdrawal from people and social gatherings, and disinterest in self-care or exercise.

These symptoms must not be a result of substance abuse or another medical condition, (and you must not have had a manic or hypomanic episode, which would then warrant a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.)

Help with depression

I will support you to identify specific stressors and triggers that maintain your depression and help you cultivate positive strategies in developing healthy self-care. I will help you work through issues at home or at work, and encourage you to maintain healthy connections with family and friends. 

One of the difficulties in getting support for depression is the struggle to take the first action, e.g. make a phone call or send a text. Do it now and take the first step to feeling better and enjoying your life.

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